Free Stuff: Top 10 Ways to Learn More About How to Make Your Book Your Hook!

Jennifer S Wilkov - Your Book Is Your Hook Speaker, Author v3 - smallBy Jennifer S. Wilkov, Host of the “Your Book Is Your Hook!” Show on WomensRadio
Book Business Consultant for Authors & Writers

Authors and writers often ask how they can receive information from me when they are not an individual client of mine. I’m happy to provide 10 ways for you to learn more about making your book your hook:

1)      Free Starter Kit – Sign up for my free Starter Kit on the website at You’ll receive a free 90-minute workshop recording plus the accompanying 14-page workbook to learn how to write, market & make money with your book. Authors who have listened to this workshop have benefitted tremendously. They have recreated the approach to their books and readers. Some have even gotten published as a result of putting the activities discussed into action.

2)      Newsletter – Subscribe to my free monthly Newsletter.  Receive tips and guidance each month for your book idea, project and platform. You’ll automatically be signed up for this when you get your free Starter Kit.

3)      Listen to the “Your Book Is Your Hook!” Radio Talk Show – Each week join me on Tuesdays at 9am Eastern on the WomensRadio Network at Not on Eastern time? That’s okay! The shows are archived each week so you can access past shows quickly and easily.

4)      Read My Blog – Get tips from me & other industry experts as well as other writers and authors like you that you’ve heard on the show each week.

5)      Like My Page on Facebook – There you can find out about upcoming appearances, training classes and special events. and

6)      Follow me on Twitter – Get weekly tips & insights about writing, marketing and publishing your book. Include me in your posts using @URBookIsURHook.

7)      First Steps to Finding the Right Literary Agent – For Literary Agent Matchmaker insights specifically, follow me on Twitter at to keep up with daily information about literary agents, editors, publishers and more. Include me in your posts using @litmatchmaker.

8)      Connect with Me on LinkedIn – Connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know if you’re in the same groups I am. You can also join my Group called “Your Book Is Your Hook!”

9)      Subscribe to the YouTube Channel – Find out quickly who’s going to be on the show each week and other quick video tidbits by subscribing to my channel. Leave a question or comment on my video broadcasts. YouTube/user/YourBookIsYourHook

10)  Prepare & Polish Up Your Approach to Using Your Book As Your Hook – For insights into why authors get rejected in the publishing industry, how to start building great hooks for your book and how you can start your journey to becoming the next bestseller, simply go to The Next Bestseller at

It’s my privilege and pleasure to support you with the writing, marketing and getting published activities for your book.

Whether you entertain, educate or enlighten others with it, you’ll give a great gift to humanity and leave a legacy for yourself, your family and the human race.

And that’s why…. Your Book Is Your Hook!

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