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Your Book As Your Hook
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Project • Platform • Pitch

You Must Have...

A Fantastic Book
An Outstanding Look • An Amazing Hook

Your Book Is Your Hook! is a full service consulting practice that serves authors, writers and wannabes as well as the entire book publishing industry with its endeavors.

Through the popular radio show named after her practice, "Your Book Is Your Hook!", which can be heard every Tuesday morning at 9:00am on, and the accompanying show blog, Jennifer S. Wilkov brings her experience and knowledge of the book business and the people in it as well as her understanding of the author's experience from conceiving the idea to getting it published to loyal listeners each week.

Jennifer is a best-selling, award-winning author, an award-winning freelance writer, a speaker and trainer and the creator of the trademarked "From Thought to Sales In 90 Days" book process. She focuses on supporting writers with the essentials to become a bestseller: a great project, a strong platform and a well-polished pitch, presentation and hook for their book.

Services include literary agent matchmaking, ghostwriting, book proposal & query packaging and 1:1 book consulting for writing, marketing and getting published.

"Most coaching clients are smart – very smart. Yet they still know the value of accessing someone who can be objective, honest and constructive about the options they are facing."
~ from
The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Highlights of Your Book Is Your Hook!

Aaron Patterson pic1Radio Show – Aaron Patterson, who is the publisher of Stone House Ink and StoneGate Ink, will discuss why he started these publishing houses, the distinction writers should note when submitting to them and what he looks for in the writers he chooses to publish. Aaron will also share his perspective of the future of the publishing industry. Aaron is also a bestselling author of the WJA series and the author of a new line of digital shorts which are ebook short stories. Aaron will talk about his new release – a teen thriller – entitled AIREL, why he wrote it, and how he is using his book as his hook. He’ll also share advice for writers who want to extend their thriller writing craft into the popular teen/ YA market..To tune in, Click Here.

Show BlogBook Covers and Brand Identity

Book Charity of the WeekHorizons for Homeless Children

Training The Next Bestseller™ Exclusive Weekend Workshop

Consulting literary agent matchmaking, ghostwriting, book proposal & query packaging and 1:1 book consulting for writing, marketing and getting published. For more information about our services, Click Here


"Today writers need to be fully prepared BEFORE they enter the competitive literary marketplace. Providing developmental coaching for their projects and detailed attention to marketing their work, Your Book Is Your Hook services really maximize the chances for their success."

~ Katharine Sands, a literary agent at Sarah Jane Freymann Agency and agent provocateur of the book,Making the Perfect Pitch: How to Catch a Literary Agent's Eye

Jennifer ushered me into the 21st century

"Jennifer ushered me into the 21st century. I'm not surprised that becoming literate in social networking has been helpful. What amazes me is that it's also fun."

~ Victoria Moran, international bestselling author of ten books & two-time Oprah! guest

Jennifer assured us that fiction was, in fact, easy

"In one casual half hour conversation, after asking a couple of simple but pointed questions, Jennifer Wilkov gleaned more about our book and its potential and gave us more specific and useful advice than we received for months before we met her from marketing and PR consultants we spent thousands of dollars on to help us market and get press.

Their coaching was, for the most part, generic, with the charming caveat that "fiction is hard." Jennifer was able to show us where we had gone a bit astray in our presentation, pinpoint our peculiar demographic, give us very specific ideas on how to exploit that demographic and assured us that fiction was, in fact, easy.

She's very good at this."

~ Geoff Hoff, co-author of the hit satirical novel Weeping Willow: Welcome to River Bend

Jennifer provided me with an excellent business and marketing system

"Jennifer Wilkov has been one of my solid supports in publishing my book Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World.

Not only has she provided me with an excellent business and marketing system; she has also kept me focused on the most important aspects of the job, answered my questions quickly with integrity, and networked me with others who could help with specific issues.

I strongly recommend her as a good friend and an excellent business advisor."

~ Janet Smith Warfield, Author of the award-winning book SHIFT: Change Your Words, Change Your World

Thanks to Jennifer, I completed my book in only 77 days.

Work with Jennifer to publish your book or join the club of the millions of people who just talk about it. Thanks to Jennifer I completed my book in only 77 days.

~ Manny Goldman, author of The Power of Personal Growth: Key Insights & Wisdom for Living and the Founder & Visionary,

About Jennifer

  • Best-Selling Award-Winning Author – Published 5 times beginning with the best-selling and award-winning book, Dating Your Money, and currently on an international tour with Boys Before Business, conducting live workshops inside Saks Fifth Avenue and at other events throughout the U.S. and as a curriculum trainer for the BFF Girls Getaway Program for Beaches Resorts By Sandals in Turks & Caicos

Click each book cover for more information.
  • Award-Winning Freelance Writer - 2009 Silver Eddie Award Winner and Nominated for Exceptional Merit in Media Award (EMMA) from the National Women's Political Caucus for April 2009 Marie Claire article
  • Popular Radio Show Host of the "Your Book Is Your Hook!" radio talk show on the WomensRadio Network at S. Wilkov brings her experience and knowledge of the book business and the people in it as well as her understanding of the author's experience from conceiving the idea to getting it published to loyal listeners each week. Interviews include industry professionals, published authors and insights about what authors need to know to make their book their "hook".
  • Media Spokesperson for Project Night Night and Heifer International's Read to Feed Program
  • Empowering Speaker and Panelist at Book Publishing Industry Events including Book Expo America, American Society of Journalists & Authors, Self-Publishing Book Expo, The Center for Independent Publishing in New York, the National Publicity Summit and others
  • Interviewed on national and local television programs
  • Columnist whose writings have appeared in national magazines, newspapers and on other popular websites including 2 of the Green Guides on, a Discovery Channel website (entitled How to Green Your Books for Authors and separately for Publishers)
  • Book & Business Consultant for First Time and Seasoned Authors
  • Creator and Host of "The Next Bestseller™ Exclusive Weekend Workshop" - Practical training for a first time or seasoned author to properly pitch your book to the book publishing industry, Hollywood, the media and others. Whether you are going to a writers' conference, publishing industry event or have a sudden opportunity to pitch your project to a professional, this is your weekend to prepare, practice and polish up your pitch with the professionals.
  • Former Executive Board Member for The Center for IndependentPublishing in New York City
  • Called "the quintessential writer and teacher for the 21st century" by students and other industry professionals
  • Described as an absolute encyclopedia of resources and "how to" guidance for any activity dedicated to writing, positioning and promoting books properly in the marketplace

More Testimonials

Jennifer is totally involved and caring when she works with a client

"It is rare that I see someone who typifies excellence and mastery of her field as I found in Jennifer. When I first visited with her in New York she made me feel immediately comfortable and valuable as a person and a client.

She outlined the program for the success of my new book and helped me complete many of those goals.

The most impressive characteristic about Jennifer, and one that I want reflected in this letter, is her ability to be totally involved and caring when she works with a client.

"I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to take the next step of success in their career."

~ Robert A. Rausch, Author and CEO of 1 Executive Energy

Jennifer's assistance and generosity have now PROPELLED me into the writing world

"Writing my book has been absolute pure joy and an effortless thing for me to do. It has brought a smile to my face that I have not seen in a long time. It gives me such excitement. I am so blessed and look forward to what comes next.

"Your assistance and generosity have now PROPELLED me into the writing world! I am so very thankful and blessed. Even through the short moments we had a chance to speak in person, the Law of Attraction so worked in my life, through you!

You are truly an Angel in my life!

Thank you for your inspiration.

Being around you, in your presence is sheer delight!"

~ Suzanne Weinman Author, Just 15 Minutes a Day – Change Your Life. Reconnect with Your Best Self!

Jennifer truly is a wizard at marketing

"Jennifer truly is a wizard at marketing. I have been marketing my book as per our plan, and have gotten MANY positive responses. Jennifer is there for every one of them helping with 'NOW WHAT DO I DO?'

"If you have the opportunity to work with Jennifer, I would jump at the opportunity again."

~ Barbara Rogers
Author of How to Make Boxes of Cash with Self-Storage Auctions

Jennifer brought total joy and fun to a potentially pain-filled process

"I'm a very successful author, speaker, trainer and coach.

And, I've written fabulous content for client websites, some just for fun.

"Yet, writing my own web content had become a very dark cloud over my usual sunny days. Working with you gave me back the pleasure of the experience. Here are some of the reasons I am extremely grateful to you and look forward to working to many future collaborations:

1. As my client, someone who has experienced the uniqueness of my work and the undeniable results, you were able to write first hand with complete clarity and confidence, expressing the benefits and the value in a way that I never could.

2. As a friend, you gently pulled the facts and thoughts from me, eliminating my struggle to find the right words.

3. As a gifted writer, you were able to rework and edit existing content rather than unnecessarily starting from the very beginning.

4. As an amazing human being, you brought total joy and fun to a potentially pain-filled process.

5. As a true professional, you got the job done when and as promised.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."
~ Lauren Solomon, AICI, CIP, LS Image Associates and the author of Image Matters! – First Steps on the Journey to Your Best Self

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